Limiting Distracted Driving Habits

Distracted driving on the road can be dangerous, especially if you are on a trip with other passengers. In order to ensure a greater degree of safety, consider some of these tips to help you limit your distractions on the road.

Always take care of your grooming and personal preparations before you start driving. Freshening up on the road, even on a relatively empty stretch, can limit your response time in the event of an emergency. Make all your vehicular adjustments early too. 

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Why Car Covers are Important to Protect Your Investment

Protecting the investment in your vehicle is easy when you are putting the car cover on each day. Here are the advantages of using the car cover.

One of the things that will cause the most damage to your vehicle is the sun. The rays of the sun will start to fade the paint and the upholstery on the inside. When your car is not stored in a garage overnight, your best chance of protecting your investment is putting on the car cover. 

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Infotainment Systems Keep You Entertained On-the-Go

The term infotainment is merely a combination of the words information and entertainment. The word describes the electronic technology that provides vehicle occupants with the ability to access communication, data and entertainment options via the stereo system, smartphone links or display screen. Each vehicle manufacturer has a trademark name for the technology. However, the systems typically function similarly. Some companies additionally offer personalized apps. 

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How Do Your Car's Brake Pads Work?

Most cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles usually have disc brakes. The discs have a rotor and a caliper. When you push the brake pedals, the caliper squeezes the disc, slowing it down, which slows or stops your car. The brake pads act as a friction reducer between the caliper's pistons and the rotor. The brake pads may be made from ceramic or metal.

If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, your brake pads may wear out after three years. If you mostly do highway driving, the brake pads could last for or five years. It is important…

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Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

If you are driving around Chadds Ford, PA and you suddenly start to notice that your car is starting to overheat, there are a couple of reasons this could be happening. The most obvious reason your car is doing this is because there is some sort of coolant leak. It's also possible there is something like a thermostat being faulty.

Whatever the reason your car is overheating, you need to make sure that the cause of the overheating is fixed.  

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Why is the Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

If the pressure in your car tires is off, then it has a negative impact on your tire treads and the pressure light will turn on. When the car is driving with tires that are under-inflated, what is happening is the tires are riding on more of the tread so that increased friction is wearing away tread faster and making it harder to control your vehicle with too much tread on the road.

If the tires on the car have too much air pressure, it is going to be harder to keep the car in your lane when traveling at…

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What is Synthetic Oil?

Owning a vehicle requires you to have a number of routine maintenance items taken care of so your vehicle runs efficiently and is reliable for many years to come. Having your oil changed is one of these routine tasks, and when you bring your vehicle in to our service center here at Maserati of Wilmington Pike or you take it somewhere else to be changed, you have the option of what kind of oil you want to use. While there are many different brands of oil, you will be choosing between conventional oil and synthetic oil. Let's take a…

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Identify the Signs of a Leaking Exhaust

A leaking exhaust system in your vehicle is a serious concern because this is how deadly gases are transported from the engine block to the tailpipe at the back of your vehicle. Here's a few ways to tell if your car's exhaust has a leak.

Pay very close attention to the gas mileage in your vehicle. If you notice a drop, it could be an indication of an exhaust leak. The engine needs to exhale those gases to run effectively, and a block or leak means the engine has to work harder, reducing your vehicle's fuel economy…

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Dispelling Common Motor Oil Myths

If you have a new or used vehicle, then you know all of the routine maintenance that goes into making sure that your vehicle remains in good shape for the duration of time that you own it. In addition to having routine repairs done from regular use of your vehicle, you have to complete things like changing out your motor oil. Unfortunately, if you are not savvy when it comes to vehicle terminology and information, you might not get the right facts when it comes to motor oil maintenance. Let's take a look at what you really need to…

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Why is Your Tire Pressure Icon Displayed?

Maintaining proper tire pressure is one of the most important things any car owner can do. This is because it helps your car run optimally and keeps you and your family safe out on the road. That is why our team here at our auto service shop in Chadds Ford, PA want to ensure that you know exactly why your tire pressure light may have come on.

The first is that one of your tires is losing pressure due to striking an object like a nail on the road. 

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