Identify the Signs of a Leaking Exhaust

A leaking exhaust system in your vehicle is a serious concern because this is how deadly gases are transported from the engine block to the tailpipe at the back of your vehicle. Here's a few ways to tell if your car's exhaust has a leak.

Pay very close attention to the gas mileage in your vehicle. If you notice a drop, it could be an indication of an exhaust leak. The engine needs to exhale those gases to run effectively, and a block or leak means the engine has to work harder, reducing your vehicle's fuel economy.

Another way to tell if a leak is coming from the exhaust system is to feel for it. Feel for a vibration when your foot is on the accelerator or hands on steering wheel. A leaking exhaust is very dangerous if it is getting in the cabin of your vehicle. Get your car to the car repair department here at Maserati of Wilmington Pike and our team will check the system for leaks.

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