Do You Need to Replace a Timing Belt at 60,000 Miles?

Most vehicles today have sturdier designs. Stronger materials are used for timing belts as well. If you purchased a vehicle within the past 10 years, you may be able to get away with going over 100,000 miles before replacing your timing belt. However, in most cases, you want your mechanic to start checking your timing belt at 50,000 miles and make sure that you note any wear.

Timing belts are important to keeping your car running properly. Worn timing belts cause issues for car engines and reduce your car's gas mileage. You may hear a whining or screeching when a timing belt is extremely worn.

However, most people do not recognize a timing belt issue right away. In these cases, you are opening up your car for camshaft damage, engine failure, broken valves, and a slew of other issues. Want to get your car's timing belt fixed fast? Visit Maserati of Wilmington Pike in Chadds Ford.

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