Why is the Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

If the pressure in your car tires is off, then it has a negative impact on your tire treads and the pressure light will turn on. When the car is driving with tires that are under-inflated, what is happening is the tires are riding on more of the tread so that increased friction is wearing away tread faster and making it harder to control your vehicle with too much tread on the road.

If the tires on the car have too much air pressure, it is going to be harder to keep the car in your lane when traveling at high speeds because the middle of the tires are in contact with the road. This causes that one area to wear faster and cause an uneven wear pattern on the tires. If you want to have experts inspect the tires, get over to Maserati of Wilmington Pike and our tire service crew will make certain the pressure is spot on and the treads are wearing evenly.

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