How Do Car Brake Pads Work?

The entire team at Maserati of Wilmington Pike wanted to make certain you were aware what is happening with your brake system so you are more likely to schedule a brake checkup more frequently.

If the vehicle has disc brakes, each of the wheels are attached to a brake rotor. The brake rotor spins with the wheel, and is slowed when the brake caliper squeezes the rotor as the brake pedal is depressed.

The brake pads are the buffer between the caliper and rotor, and that incredible friction causes the pads to wear away a little each time the brakes are used. These pads will wear down to the metal if not serviced in time, resulting in metal to metal contact, and damage to the rotors. If you begin to hear grinding a screeching noises coming from the tires, it might be an indication that the brake pads are in need of replacement.



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