Disconnecting Cables To Replace Your Battery

When you notice signs that it's time to replace your battery, you can visit Maserati of Wilmington Pike while you're traveling in Chadds Ford, PA to have someone check the strength of it before it's replaced. You can easily change your battery yourself with a few simple tips.

Wear gloves when removing your battery if possible. Most of them have at least a minimal amount of acid on the top around the posts with some leaking acid if they are cracked. Identify the cables and the posts so that you know which one needs to be removed first.

Remove the negative cable first. Avoid touching any metal surfaces with the cables as the battery could explode. You could also get shocked. Next, remove the positive cable. When you place the new battery in your car, you're going to place the positive back before the negative. Make sure the battery doesn't move around after it's been positioned.

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