Front-Wheel Drive or Rear-Wheel Drive - Which Do You Need?

Choosing the right vehicle is very important, and at Maserati of Wilmington Pike we want you to be an informed driver, so you make the best choice for your driving. Choosing between a front-wheel-drive and a rear-wheel-drive can be a big decision and one we want to help you with. Come see us and allow us to explain the difference between the two.

Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles both offer advantages and disadvantages. If you do a lot of driving in rain or snow, you’ll do better with a front-wheel drive. FWD vehicles are also cheaper to maintain but are noisier. Rear-wheel drivers aren’t that great for winter driving but are sturdier and better suited for driving. There’s a reason why service vehicles are generally RWD vehicles.

Come to our dealership in Chadds Ford, PA, allow us to service your vehicle and show you what type of vehicles we have on hand.

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