Belts and Hoses: Routine Maintenance is a Must

Open up the hood of your car and you will notice several belts and hoses. They connect vital systems together. Over time, however, they can dry out and crack. Routine service and maintenance of hoses and belts is important to avoid breakdowns and repairs.

Car manufacturers recommend replacing certain items on a recommended schedule. This scheduled maintenance helps avoid roadside breakdowns. The timing belt is an example of something that should be replaced as recommended. It is what keeps the engine's valves and pistons moving in perfect sync. If that belt breaks, the timing of the engine can slip, causing the engine to stop.

Other items that should be replaced include serpentine belts and coolant hoses. The serpentine belt powers engine accessories, while the coolant hoses help cool the engine. If either fail, your car becomes undrivable. For routine maintenance, make an appointment at the service department here at Maserati of Wilmington Pike in Chadds Ford, PA.

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