How to Correct a Slide on Icy Roads

When you drive in snowy conditions, there are bound to be icy roads. These types of weather alerts require certain precautions that are difficult for most drivers. This is because you can't brake hard or accelerate when you start to slide on an icy road. Hopefully you are not fishtailing too hard, or else you may be in trouble. Still, the best thing to do when you are in these situations is try to correct your wheels.

In sliding situations, wheels get stuck and they're unable to stop sliding around on the ice. You can turn your car's wheels into the slide to prevent it from fishtailing, but many times the most important thing is to remain calm. You don't want to freak out as you hydroplane or it will be more difficult to drive the vehicle and correct the wheel position.

Get comfortable with your vehicle so that you have more control when you drive in difficult conditions. You can visit Maserati of Wilmington Pike for more information.



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