How to Keep Your Ride Free of Pet Hair

We get lots of DIY car detailing questions here at Maserati of Wilmington Pike. We totally understand how crucial it is for you to keep your ride clean. We also know that you often don't have time. Here are some quick tips to simplify your vehicle detailing, especially when it comes to the removal of dog hair.

Install a seat rider or Petrider to keep Fido's shedding from getting into your seats. A harness or crate is another good idea. It contains the hair your dog sheds, making for easy cleanup. It also minimizes distractions while you're commuting through town for errands or excursions. Brushing your dog routinely also captures hair before it ends up in your vehicle.

Cleanup is a chore no matter what, but you can definitely make it easier. Lint rollers and rubber vacuum cleaner attachments with brushes are a must. For the moisture and static electricity method: Mix a few tbsps. of fabric softener with water and spray it on your car's upholstery. Wipe with a rubber glove, a paper towel, or an inflated balloon. Dog hair gone!



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