Protecting Yourself from the Sun's Glare

Staying safe on the road often requires making adjustments to existing road conditions. Here at Maserati of Wilmington Pike, we want you to stay safe. Let's talk about how to handle the glare caused by driving into the sun.

As you drive into the sunrise or sunset, the rays of the sun can hit the windshield causing a blinding glare. To avoid the glare becoming a major problem, put down the sun visor. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes. Also, invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses. They can minimize the glare. Keep your windshield clean so that the glare doesn't become worse.

Driving defensively can also make a difference. First, keep plenty of space between you and the car ahead of yours. It gives you more room to react. Also, keep your headlights on so other vehicles can see you easier. Stop by the dealership for all your car needs.



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