Keeping vehicles up and running during cold winter months is key to keeping yourself and your family safe on the roads of Chadds Ford, PA. As such, it's of great importance that drivers like yourself perform through pre-season checks on your electrical and battery systems. Batteries need close watching, and drivers who follow a few simple steps can protect themselves against unexpected battery failures.

One important pre-season battery check is the electrolyte test. Lead-acid style batteries use various types of acid as electrolytes, and keeping these fluid levels at the proper volumes allows batteries to operate normally. As such, drivers should always figure out the proper fluid levels for their batteries and keep electrolytes well-stocked.

Vehicle owners can also do simple diagnostic checks at home or at Maserati of Wilmington Pike to figure out if their batteries are on the way out. For example, vehicles that crank or start slowly may be experiencing battery failures. Another classic sign of impending battery demise is weak headlight bulbs. Inefficient low or high beams that dim when motors idle can often signal battery issues.


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