Tire Alignment and What You Should Know About Our Service

Maserati of Wilmington Pike does its best to keep customers informed. We know that a good driver knows the ins and outs of his or her car. This is one reason we encourage you to visit our service department for things like vehicle alignments.

A Little More About Alignments

These adjustments have to be made to a vehicle every so often to reduce tire wear. The alignment is also needed to maintain the vehicle's handling and to promote straight tracking, which is needed for driving safely. It is recommended that you get an alignment every time you get new tires or when you see signs of alignment issues, like the following:

  • Uneven wear and tear from your tires
  • The vehicle starts to pull one way or the other without you doing anything
  • The tires squeal a bit while driving
  • Your wheel seems crooked, even when you are driving straight

Hopefully, some of these points make it easier to understand how important vehicular alignment is and why we think you should contact our service department to see if you are ready for one.



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